VIE Romania

« What did the VIE at Staphyt Romania “taught/offered” me is a professional adaptability. Why “taught/offered”? It is only the Volunteer who’s able to know. After an interview with Staphyt directors and exchanging ideas and getting more personal about my dream career, the opportunity to develop experimentation with GEP quality in Eastern Europe literally hit me. After a quick visit in France to meeting the team and suddenly here I am in a plane flying to a new office going out from nowhere to an unknown country and language. It was time to give the best of what we know and to show what we are made of. This isn’t just a practice (even if the VIE community will make you feel just like among friends ), this is a real professional spring-board that you cannot miss. I had the possibility to work in several agricole domains and different regions, with also different personalities; which helped to determine my own point of view. To discover, to develop, to adapt, to understand, to get lost, to repeat… is what a Volunteer will be dealing with work and not at home. Everything is linked in a new country. Agronomical experimentation is still a niche market in the world which means not everyone knows what it is about. Some people won’t talk to you at all, laugh at you… but life itself is that way. But when one farmer will trust you by curiosity and also because you do make the effort to learn his language in order to adapt yourself to his country, all the bad moments get cleared off. When your name starts to be known in a countryside 2000 km away from your origins (as Bucharest is for me from my Douceur Angevine); the success feeling isn’t that bad. Volunteering advantage is to undertake a professional challenge which goes out of the routine. Let’s say that the craziness of being young made me realize one of my dreams (to develop agronomical experimentation in Eastern Europe since 2009). Staphyt offered it to me and I learned more that any resume can explain. 2 years of Volunteer just passed and my adventure continues with growing ambitions. It’s important to learn to leave a comfort area to live an enriching experience for an entire life ! »