Trainee Italy

« Ciao, I am Luca, I am 25 years old, and I have just graduated in environmental and agricultural sciences from the university of Tuscia (Viterbo). On the 29th of March my internship experience at Staphyt Italia started. It was an intensive and instructive period of six months during which I had the opportunity to touch with my own hands what to be a field agronomist really means. Here I worked constantly in contact with all different countries where Staphyt is located, sharing information, discussing (when doubts) and comparing different ways of working. It was indeed very helpful to improve languages (english mostly) and agronomic skills, which are nowadays crucial to become an expert in this field. I’m very happy and satisfied of what I have learnt during my time here at the Latina station; I gained specific competences about plant pests and plant diseases; Discovered how to manage a field trial, thanks to analytic and scientific thinking, to deal with many different crops issues and deliver eventually the most appropriate study set-up and the best possible results. I spent time close to the local farmers but also industry/agriculture experts and did better understand what the world of agriculture is today about and what it will look like in the future. During all my stay I was followed by a group of young and friendly co-workers who constantly shared all their experience and professionalism, and in all kind of situations thus making me feel immediately accepted, involved and well-liked. I’d like to conclude by suggesting greatly to all future students to have a go and try this type of work experience. As far as I am concerned I can just wish for now that there will be soon an other opportunity to collaborate with Staphyt. »