Intra-group mobility

« I have worked for STAPHYT for about 2 years and have always had the desire to experience a new way of life overseas. As part of their well-being programme, STAPHYT offered me this opportunity by proposing an assignment for me with our Australian subsidiary PERACTO. The aim was to discover new crops and to observe their working methods in order to learn their best practices. Welcomed by my new colleagues in Melbourne, I have met friendly people who are easy to talk to, faithful to the famous ‘easy-going’ Australian attitude. I was able to quickly discover the specificities of Australian life, especially to pay attention to the snakes in the grass in a country where the most venomous species of the world live. Concerning the crops, they are quite similar to those in France : Wheat, barley, peas, vines, vegetables (broccoli, cabbage ...), apples, pears, cherries with a few peculiarities such as almonds, poppies, chickpeas, lentils or oranges. The big difference here are the distances, the crops cover an area equal to half of France. I have been adapting myself to the working methods here, the division of duties and organization is really different than those used in Inchy-en-Artois, for example, we sometimes have to drive for more than an hour from the office to the first trials. On average, it’s between 3 to 4 hours we spend on the road every day. I have made so many discoveries that allow me to fulfill myself both professionally and. My return to France is planned in a little more than 2 months and I still have plenty of things to discover. »