Internship in the United States

« I have been an apprentice at STAPHYT for almost two years and, as a part of this program of study, I had to do a two month internship in an English speaking foreign country. I chose RD4AG, which is one of STAPHYT’s partner companies in the United States. It was a unique experience. This internship allowed me to discover a completely unknown country, another culture and also a different work style. My STAPHYT experience gave me the opportunity to compare the work methods and requirements to set up trials. Thanks to this internship, I discovered new crops (melons, watermelons, sweet corn, tomatoes, pepper, …) and different agricultural conditions (cultivation in a desert). The RD4AG team was pleasant, welcoming, and happy to share its knowledge. We had discussions and shared information at the professional and personal level. This internship also allowed me to improve my English, thanks to the full immersion in a place that was totally unknown to me and with people who don’t speak the same language as I. This experience abroad was, for me, very rewarding and I encourage those who have the opportunity to dare to do it. »