Bruno makes Australasian and European continents closer together


Bruno has relocated from Poland to take up the role of Peracto Business Unit Director, Australasia. He recently answered the questions posed by an Australian journalist:

Do you think growing up on a farm is what sparked your curiosity in agriculture and therefore your educational and career trajectory?

I grew up on a farm in a little village in Germany. My parents ran our family farm, which they had inherited from their parents. I was the youngest of three sons and ever since I can remember, it was assumed that I was the child who would stay on the farm to continue the family tradition. My Dad taught me to drive a tractor at age four. My entire childhood was spent either in a wheat field, or hanging around with dairy cows.

My dream was always to take over the farm from my parents but I wanted to do it in a modern way ... so I decided to study agriculture first. But after completing my university studies the idea of returning to a small farm didn’t feel like enough for me – I wanted to spread my wings and take on something bigger! That is when I decided to seek employment in plant protection research at Bayer.

Where has your career taken you up until now?

My true romance with agriculture began at Bayer. I worked at Bayer – in both Germany and Poland between 1990 -1994. I was actually the youngest Bayer employee to be sent to Poland to open their subsidiary. After I left in 1994, I stayed in Poland to pursue other opportunities – this included setting up my own business, working for wholesaler BayWa, and then at an agricultural magazine called Top Agar. I accepted the role of Managing Director at Staphyt in 2005.

What is your new position at Peracto?

I join Peracto as Business Unit Director, Australasia. I bring with me 13 years of similar job experience in Poland, having managed a team of 40+ employees. My motivation – to live and work in Australia! I also believe I have the enthusiasm, motivation and communication skills to bring the Australian and the European continents (Peracto and Staphyt) closer together.

What do you see as your key goals and challenges in your role at Peracto?

There are more than 15,000km between Europe and Australia! In addition to the physical distance, there are also cultural differences. Work in research and development may look similar between Europe and Australia, but this is not the case at all. My challenge is to ensure we learn from each other everyday and chose the best way forward to get the job done. Both Europe and Australia have the same ultimate goal – high trial quality and satisfied customers!

How are you and your family settling into life in Tasmania so far?

My wife is an Australian citizen and for many years I heard a lot of good things, but did not quite believe them all. Then I came here to visit in 2012 – I discovered she was right! I fell instantly in love. Ever since then we have been trying to find a way to live in Australia. When the offer came from Staphyt we didn’t hesitate for a moment. At that time we knew very little of Tasmania, but since arriving in January we have found ourselves enchanted. Our three children Boris, Bianka and Rocco have all moved with us.