Across the detail


For Peracto’s Business Manager Andrew Woodcock having no two working days the same makes for a rewarding job.

What is your role with Peracto?

I am the company’s Business Manager, so my role incorporates all professional areas of the business that are not agricultural research or technical services related. This includes IT, Facilities Management, HR and Finance.

How did your career evolve prior to joining the business?

When I was first out of school I was working in administration roles, and then I went to University and began my career in accounting firms in Tasmania. I then moved to South Australia to manage a resort, before returning to Tasmania to look after the administration at a company that supplied communications equipment to mining companies. I celebrated 10 years with Peracto in May last year.

What does a typical day look like for you?

There is no typical day for me. Due to the nature of my role, and areas I am responsible for, I can be working on several matters at the one time. We operate 14 sites across Australia and New Zealand and take care of 65 staff, so you really need to be flexible on a daily basis. For example, I can be getting BAS statements and payroll organised, while trying to gather the board meeting papers and finalising leasing agreements with our vehicles. There is a real need in the role to be flexible, and also to be able to prioritise.

What are some aspects you really enjoy about your role?

I really enjoy that no two days are the same. I couldn’t work in a position that was mundane, and you did the same duties day in, day out. I really don’t work well with the mundane. Every day is different, and for me that is very satisfying professionally. I also really enjoy the challenges my position has had to manage. I’ve always revelled in a challenge; of stepping back and thinking about how best to solve the situation or problem. For example, when our IT staff member left I taught myself how to navigate a database and web design. I’m interested in finding out how things work, and why they work.

What is an aspect in your role that you do, that colleagues or clients may not be aware of?

I guess one of the main aspects to my role is the amount of detail we work across. So, what goes on behind the scenes. For example, the amount of time it takes to report to the different tax agencies including payroll tax, GST, Fringe Benefits, Company Tax and Bureau of Statistics is enormous and most people wouldn’t be aware of that, or the amount of effort that goes in to organising leases for cars, or collating material for board reports. It’s all the legwork that goes on behind the scenes to ensure all areas of the business run smoothly.