Guillaume and Céline

2 French colleagues on the road again

« We show our passport only to move in UK. But we need much more to apply for an Australian visa. Guillaume attended an English test to demonstrate he will be able to work here. He submitted the curriculum of the study course, he completed 20 years ago! And thankfully, the police produced a clearance to certify we have never charges for criminal offence. Anyway! Our visa has been finally granted and we are now settling in the other side of the world along the Pacific ocean. We changed our coats for shorts, our daughters added the hat to the school uniform and Guillaume visited the crops he will work on: peanuts, pineapple, sweet potato, sugar can, macadamia nuts.... A lot of things to enjoy and discover but... beware of the snake (the girls met it for the second day at school!) and don't forget the sun cream!! Thank you Staphyt and see you later! »