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With more than 20 years’ experience in chemical registration and Regulatory Watch, we have an excellent knowledge of the regulations applicable to Plant Protection Products, Fertilisers, Biocides and of their enforcement in the various Member States of the European Union.

We can assist you with

  • A regulatory watch to monitor the regulations you are concerned with
    Compliance with the various chemical regulations, which are permanently evolving, requires constant surveillance. However, the complexity of the topic requires experience and time, which industrial companies do not always have.
  • Assistance on any regulatory issues
    • Which regulation(s) apply to my product?
    • How can I put my product on the market?
    • When do I have to submit a registration dossier?
    • Is the registration dossier my only option?
    • Can I gather my products into a family of biocidal products?
    • How to add another use to my product?
    • How to answer a request from the authorities following a control?
    • Which tests should I conduct for my product?
    • ….

    And any other questions you might ask yourself!

Our newsletter

Adapted to your activity sector:

  • Plant Protection Products (PPP),
  • Biocidal products,
  • REACh,
  • Cross-discipline regulations (classification, labelling, SDS, aerosol, PIC, (eco)toxicology, environment, hazardous substances: CMR, endocrine disruptors, essential oils, etc.).

Every 2 weeks, these electronic newsletters inform you of European regulatory news and specific French requirements published on the official websites (European and French Official Journals, EFSA, ECHA, OECD, ANSES, Ministries, etc.) and dedicated professional associations.
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