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Risk assessment

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To obtain approval, register or market a new substance or a new chemical formulation you must complete, where applicable, in compliance with specific regulatory requirements, the risk assessment resulting from the use of your product for:

  • human health (consumer, professional or non-professional applicator, worker, etc.),
  • non-target animal species,
  • the environment.

Our team can advise and support you in carrying out these risk assessments.

You need to

  • Identify any critical missing parameter
  • Define endpoints for:
    • human
    • environment
    • non-target organisms
  • Prepare and/or refine risk assessments according to European or national models for:
    • the operator / applicator, workers, bystanders and residents,
    • consumers and animals, including livestock,
    • environmental exposure in soil, groundwater, surface water, sediment, and air,
    • non-target organisms.
  • Assess the PBT, vPvB and POP potential of your substances.
  • Assess the hazards of a chemical substance.
  • Establish exposure studies for operators, workers, consumers and the environment (OPEX)

Our expertise

  • Prepare risk assessments according to European or national models, for Plant Protection Products, for Biocidal Products, for chemical substances and products,
  • Conduct assessments of PBT, vPvB, POP for any kind of substance.
  • Propose alternatives to laboratory testing by performing hazard assessments of a chemical substance using RSA(Q) models, expert statements for the chemical hazards of your substances and products, bibliographic research on components (EndNote software) or hazard assessment (CLP classification) according to the data or by calculation.
  • Develop customized risk assessments based on your product’s characteristics and use and / or refinement if the risks are considered unacceptable.
  • In the framework of risk assessment studies for operators, workers, consumers and the environment, ensure the realization of GLP multi-site studies in all Northern and Southern regulatory areas of the European Union for plant protection products on all crops and implement specific studies to assess exposure to biocidal products (OPEX)