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Regulatory training

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We can design and deliver bespoke regulatory training adapted to your needs to help your team develop their awareness of plant protection, plant nutrition, biocides or REACh.

You need to

  • Understand the Regulations,
  • Be up-to-date on guidance documents and use them for writing or risk assessment,
  • Know how to use risk assessment models,
  • Know the legal obligations in terms of registration dossier, risk assessments, risk management measures, classification, labelling, SDS, etc.

Our expertise

Our team offers:

  • Tailor-made training courses, concerning the regulation or safety of your products,
  • These courses are adapted to your needs, the number of participants and their profile,
  • We can cover all the subjects within your sectors of activity, ranging from the general presentation of the regulatory framework of a category of products to the specialized training of experts on specific technical subjects.

Our areas of regulatory expertise:

  • Phytopharmaceutical products,
  • Biocides,
  • REACh & CLP,
  • Modelling (environment, ecotoxicity and human).

Our experts are at your disposal for advanced training in their specialized fields:

  • Physical chemistry & method of analysis,
  • Human risk assessment,
  • Residues,
  • Risk mitigation measures,
  • E-fate,
  • Ecotoxicological risk assessment