Monitoring field trials (GEP) and residue trials (GLP)

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As part of the authorisation of plant protection products, the authorities shall require efficacy and selectivity agronomic trials and residue trials in sufficient number and in suitable geographical locations.

Efficacy and selectivity agronomic trials (GEP) must be carried out in accordance with relevant EPPO guidelines in Europe, in addition to the CEB methods for France. In France, the trials for approval shall be notified to ANSES.

Residue trials (GLP) should be conducted in accordance with the OECD and Sanco Guidelines.

You need to

  • Identify which trials and studies are required for your registration dossier,
  • Build a realistic schedule and date of submission,
  • Find the most suitable units for your trial program,
  • Find the most competent analytical laboratory for analysis of your active substance,
  • Ensure that all these trials are in line with the requirements of the authorities.

Our expertise

Staphyt Regulatory monitores any agronomic or residue trials. The tests are carried out by the Staphyt experimentation team or by GEP / GLP suppliers (including analytical laboratories), of the customer’s choice.

We can help you define your experimental program and follow it to ensure that you get complete and quality trials reports on time.

The advantage of choosing Staphyt:
We take charge of the agronomic part of your projects as a whole.

From the development of the trial program to the drafting of the protocols, from the tests to the submission of the biological evaluation dossier or the residue section, Staphyt teams guarantee a consistent and high-quality of work.