Field and laboratory studies management (GEP, GLP)

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Obtaining a authorisation product is a lengthy process, and any delay or loss of quality during the course of a project may have important financial consequences for you.

To ensure the smooth running of your project, the Staphyt Regulatory team is at your disposal to set up and monitor your GLP (laboratory) and GEP (field) studies as part of the research and development of your products.

Studies carried out under GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) are essential for the approval of an active substance or the authorisation of a plant protection product, biocide or cosmetic. These studies concern physico-chemistry, analytical methods, toxicology, residue, environmental fate and ecotoxicology related to your substance or product.

As for plant protection products, tests carried out under GEP (Good Experimental Practices) include the performing of agronomic efficacy and selectivity trials. Residual tests are carried out according to GLP.