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Combined Regulatory & field services for crops

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The advantage of choosing Staphyt: We take charge of the agronomic part of your projects as a whole.

Our regulatory team can work alongside the field teams in Staphyt Agrosciences, to set up and monitor various GEP and GLP studies required by regulators for plant protection and plant nutrition products, such as fertiliser and biostimulants.

This include:

  • Efficacy trials
  • Residue studies (in plants and bee related products)
  • Bee brood, behaviour and pollination studies

This close collaboration, within Staphyt, can bring benefits to our clients. For example:

  • Fewer suppliers for our clients to have to work with, our regulatory team can liaise directly with our field teams.
  • Close collaboration and communication regarding the design and conduct of studies.

We can help you define a significant part of your experimental program and follow it to ensure that you get complete and quality trials reports on time.

For studies that we do not conduct in house, our regulatory team can liaise with our network of existing CRO partners to identify the most experienced supplier or present the client with options, obtain the best price,
agree study design and protocols and monitor the study through to completion.