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Environmental fate

Environmental fate and behaviour of plant protection products (PPPs) and the environmental risk assessment (ERA) for biocides are a fundamental part of risk assessment and evaluation within the EU regulatory system.

Our Environmental Fate experts can provide our clients with full support including:

  • Dossier preparation – assessing the risk for the various environmental compartments
  • Scientific waivers/justification
  • Ad-hoc technical documents for specific requirements.
  • Study set up and monitoring of GLP Studies

We have experience of all relevant models, including:

  • EUSES v.2.2 
  • SimpleTreat v4.0
  • FOCUS models (Steps 1-2, SWASH, PELMO, PEARL)
  • National authorisations:
    • EVA/EXPOSIT and ESCAPE for Germany
    • TOXSWA-NL and GeoPEARL for the Netherlands
    • Higher-tier WEBFRAM and drift reduction (van de Zande) assessment for the UK
    • MACRO groundwater models for Northern Europe
    • FROGS for France,
    • PERSAM

When a potential risk is identified, higher tier approaches we can take include:

  • the refinement of the input parameters used in the modelling (e.g. kinetic analysis with KinGui, use of leaching study results)
  • the use of mitigation measures (e.g. application of vegetated buffer zones using FOCUS SWAN for PPPs and application in protected area for biocides)
  • to customize the models for non-standard uses
  • the performance of additional studies both standard and specifically designed (eg field soil dissipation, soil accumulation, leaching etc)

Our environmental chemists, agronomists and ecotoxicologists provide strong cross-disciplinary support for creating realistic models.