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Analytical methods

We can assist you with the registration of active substances, phytopharmaceutical products, biocides and other chemicals with the following:

  • Definition of an analytical validation study programme in accordance with the guidance documents to determine the level of active substance(s) in the formulated product as well as impurity contents and active substance residues
  • Monitoring of method validation studies
  • Drafting the relevant regulatory dossier sections
  • Arguments for data waivers/justifications

Our experts draw upon a wealth of experience working with a variety of substances and formulations, taking them from the initial stages where preliminary work is required to product or substance registration. They have a depth of experience working with laboratories on the development and validation of methods, which enables them to provide analytical methods that are compliant with the authorities’ requirements, whether through amendments to an existing method, such as CIPAC methods, or through the development of a new method.

All work is conducted in accordance with the relevant EU guidance documents, using approved formats.