A pioneering service provider in Bioinputs, in 2011 Staphyt dedicated a specialised team to studying these products, the Bioteam. This cross-functional team brings together experts in plant physiology and plant pathology, agronomy and regulatory watch specialising in plant nutrition.

Our regulatory experts support you in placing your biostimulant products on the European market, in line with national requirements.

You need to

  • Identify the market authorisation procedure for your biostimulant product in a European country,
  • Define an approval strategy,
  • Select laboratories able to conduct studies suited to the nature of your product,
  • Submit the notification or product authorisation dossiers as per national market authorisation procedures for your biostimulants in any European country,
  • Place on the French market one of your biostimulants already marketed in another European country,
  • Communicate with the competent authorities,
  • Submit Anti-Poison Centre declarations for hazardous products placed on the European market.

Our expertise

  • Assist you with any regulatory issue,
  • Identify whether your biostimulant complies with a regulation or a national standard,
  • Respond to new requirements, prepare pitches,
  • Assess the existing studies and identify the missing or critical data,
  • Monitor studies by COFRAC accredited laboratories and GEP crop trials, obtain comprehensive, high-quality test reports within the allotted time frame,
  • Submit an experimental use permit application,
  • Carry out authorisation applications, mutual recognition applications (MR) or simple notifications for your biostimulant in any European country,
  • Liaise with the competent authorities,
  • Determine, check or adapt the CLP classification and the labelling of your products, and prepare safety data sheets (including extended SDS) for your substances and products, according to European regulations and specific national provisions,
  • Declare your products to Anti-Poison Centres (Art. 45 CLP) of European Member States (including France via SYNAPSE/INRS).