GB BPR Article 95 – Call for action

The transitional period of some important features of the GB BPR is coming to an end on 31st of December 2022. This is the case of the GB Article 95 list of authorised active substance suppliers in GB. Before that date it will be necessary to update the appointed supplier of the active substance if it is not an UK-based company. This update can be performed by:

  • – UK based companies who make active substances available on the  market in Great Britain (GB).
  • UK based companies who make biocidal products available on the GB market.
  • UK representatives of companies based outside the UK who make active substances or biocidal products available on the GB market.

Therefore, if you are marketing biocidal products in the GB territory, contact your active substance supplier to confirm that they are in line with the new GB BPR requirements. Besides, if you are a non-UK based company currently listed in the GB Article 95 list, move forward quickly to update the name of your representative in UK.

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