French Decree “common basis for fertilizing materials and growing media”

The French decree called “common basis” will modify the chapter V of the title V of the book II of the rural code and of the maritime fishing. This decree aims to create categories of fertilizing materials (A1, A2 and B) and to bring rules concerning the efficacy, safety, traceability and use of each category of these fertilizing materials. The common basis decree will apply in addition to the regulations currently in force (AMM, EC regulation, NFU standards, specifications and spreading plan).

The objectives of the common basis decree are as follows:

  • Control the contamination of soils and crops through fertilization practices
  • Ensure the quality of all fertilizing materials in a relevant way:
    • Harmonization between the different ways of marketing/use
    • Considering the specificities of the materials
  • Adapt traceability and use to the quality of the materials
  • Inform the user (farmer), producer of foodstuff so that he can make choices to control the contamination of his soils and / or crops
  • Facilitate the subsequent updating of safety criteria applying to fertilising materials to better take into account the progressive acquisition of scientific knowledge (contaminants known as emerging)

The draft decree was submitted for public consultation during the period from 28/10/2021 to 22/11/2021. After this stage, the draft decree will be notified to the European Commission (consider at least 3 months) before publication of the decree.

After publication of the decree, all marketers will have to verify the conformity of their fertilizing materials:

  • Fertilizing materials under marketing authorisation that do not comply with the common basis decree may be held for sale, offered for sale, sold, distributed free of charge or used until the authorization or permit expires, and no later than January 1, 2025.
  • Fertilizing materials marketed under NFU standards, EC regulations, specifications or spreading plans that do not comply with the common basis decree may be placed on the market or used for a period of eighteen months from the date of its entry into force.