Extension of Staphyt regulatory affairs team

Staphyt strengthens its Environment and Biocides teams!

José Antonio Fernandez (Biocides Senior Regulatory Manager.)
José Antonio is based in Spain and will reinforce our regulatory consultancy services in South Europe.

He has 11 years as a Regulatory Affairs Consultant in a consultancy company based in Spain, dealing with PPP, REACh and Biocides regulations in EU projects and Latin American registrations of biocidal products.  Within the biocides area, José Antonio was responsible for preparing and submitting biocides applications (both BPR and transitory) with particular experience in PT01 to PT04, PT8 and PT18 products. He was the co-founder of a consultancy company in Spain.
Next to Aurély BEGHIN and Sophie AVIRON VIOLET, José Antonio is ready to answer your questions and support you in all Biocides regulatory procedures.

Ilan Ruhr (Ecotoxicologist)
Ilan is joining Josie Tomlinson’s Environmental Team as Regulatory Ecotoxicologist. He’s a biologist with a PhD in Environmental Physiology and Toxicology. His research focussed on the impacts of environmental stressors (like toxins, pharmaceuticals, and climate change) have on terrestrial, aquatic, and avian organisms and their accompanying ecological repercussions. His most recent role was as a Research Associate at the University of Manchester, UK, where he investigated the long-term effects of stressors on the hearts of mammals, fish, and reptiles.

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