Change in the terms of mutual recognition for fertilisers in Portugal

The principle of mutual recognition, governed by Regulation (EU) No. 2019/515 is applicable since April 19, 2020. According to this principle, any product legally marketed in one Member State can be placed on the market of another Member State.
Several European countries, which until now did not recognize the application of this regulation for fertilising products, have entered into a process of regulatory update and this is the case for Portugal.

The national legislation on fertilising products based on Decree nº103/2015 of June 15 is currently in the final phase of legislative revision and Portugal already allows the marketing of fertilising products according to the mutual recognition process according to a note published on the Ministry’s website.

This procedure consists in the submission of a dossier to the competent authorities; however, no administrative decision is provided and the fertilising product can be placed on the national market immediately after the submission of the complete dossier.