EFSA Update on Surface Water Exposure Assessment

EFSA have published a report (available here) on the proposed changes to surface water exposure modelling for plant protection products. The primary change is to move from the current single-year model to a 20-year model. The current models mean that weather patterns from a single year can have a large (and unrealistic) effect on risk assessment and product approval. However, what was intended in 2016 as a simple ‘repair action’ has evolved into a complete re-evaluation of EU surface water exposure assessments.

The EFSA report concludes that the proposed changes fail to meet a well-defined protection goal, and recommend developing entirely new surface water and sediment scenarios and the setting of new exposure assessment goals. As a result of this report, the current FOCUS surface water models are likely to remain unchanged for at least 2-3 years, to allow time for new scenarios and assessment goals to be developed.

Staphyt’s experts in environmental fate will continue to monitor the development of these new models. Please contact us if you would like advice on what the changes could mean for your products.