Are you ready to use IUCLID?

From March 2021, EFSA will require IUCLID to be used for active substance dossiers (for both chemicals and microorganisms). The requirement will initially apply to new or renewal approvals and MRL applications, and is being introduced to meet the new transparency requirements for pesticides.

At Staphyt Regulatory, we have been using IUCLID for many years to prepare and submit dossiers in accordance with the BPR and REACH regulations. We can therefore support you using this tool to prepare dossiers in this format and record, store, maintain and exchange data on pesticides.


What is IUCLID?
IUCLID is a software to record, store, maintain and exchange data on intrinsic and hazard properties of chemical substances. ECHA co-develops the software with the OECD.
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