BREXIT- Biocides

For all UK-based companies holding product authorisation assets in the EU Member States, EEA countries (European Economic Area) or Switzerland – in order to maintain the validity of their product authorisations, all the assets should be transferred as a matter of priority to one (or more) new legal entities established within the EU 27 Member States, EEA countries or Switzerland by using the relevant case types in R4BP 3 (NA-TRS, SA-TRS or UA-TRS). Note that the transfers have to be notified and implemented before the UK’s withdrawal from the EU on 29/03/2019 23:00hrs GMT (30/03/2019 00:00hrs CET). Similarly, all applicants should transfer, by using the transfer functionality embedded in the cases, all their ongoing R4BP 3 cases for which the prospective authorisation holder is a UK-based company.

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