Future European Fertilizer Regulation: Trilogue leads to an agreement

On the 20th of November 2018, the so called trilogue implying the three European bodies (the Parliament, the Council and the Commission) met in order to discuss the draft Regulation EC 2016/0084 related to fertilizers. As a reminder, this regulation will cover the marketing at European level of a wide variety of fertilizing products including organic and mineral fertilizers, soil improvers, growing media but also biostimulants.

During the course of this meeting, the trilogue reached an agreement on the draft law, particularly concerning the cadmium issue, which was one of the main points of contention. The European authorities have agreed on a limit of 60 mg of cadmium / kg of P2O5 and it will also be possible to indicate the wording ‘low cadmium content’ for fertilizers containing less than 20 mg / of kg P2O5. It is already anticipated that this threshold will be reduced seven years after the entry into force of the text. The outcome of this meeting is therefore very encouraging. The text should be voted in early 2019, before the European elections, so that the regulation could be launched in 2022.

Contact Staphyt regulatory for more information on the consequences of this new regulation and on the types of products covered by the draft Fertilizer Regulation.