APC, regulatory consultant company, has joined Staphyt group to broaden regulatory services.

Founded in 2001 by Steve Shires, APC has 23 staff present in Europe, Australia and Brazil plus a large network of consultants worldwide. APC remains at the forefront of the delivery of National, European and International registration services, providing their clients with bespoke global solutions with local focus.

APC will still retain its brand name alongside that of Staphyt Regulatory. Both APC and Staphyt Regulatory will be 2 different but complementary business units, having the same shareholders (Staphyt group) and acting independently for personnel, technical and business management purposes.
The 2 highly complementary teams will together enlarge our capabilities to support clients in agrochemicals, biocides and general chemicals.

APC part of StaphytWhat are the benefits for our clients ?

  • A large resources of experts with over 60 people covering all areas related to chemical risk assessment, ready to deal with larger regulatory and study programs,
  • Access to regulatory offices in 8 countries and to a network of consultants worldwide,
  • A high-quality service based on excellent regulatory knowledge, responsiveness and communication

Our clients contacts in the Staphyt Regulatory and APC teams will remain unchanged thus maintaining existing relationships based on personal understanding and loyalty.

Steve Shires will be working for a minimum of one year as a consultant to provide support for APC and to facilitate the seamless integration of APC into the Staphyt Group.

We are all engaged to provide our clients the best relationship and a top-class service to in the future.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Steve Shires, Consultant APC

Steve Shires
steve.shires@apc.eu.com / +44.(0)7889.365054
Manda Vince, Business Unit Director APC

Manda Vince
Business Unit Director APC
manda.vince@apc.eu.com / +44.(0)7710.856153
Aurély Béghin, Staphyt Regulatory Director

Staphyt Regulatory

Aurély Beghin
Business Unit Director Staphyt Regulatory
abeghin@staphyt.com / +33.(0)