New Spanish registration on fertilizers and biostimulants

In Spain, fertilizers and soil improvers are regulated by Real Decreto 506/2013. Group 4 of this regulation is related to other fertilisers and specialty products, and include some biostimulants made of specific raw materials. Real Decreto 506/2013 has been updated on the 24th of November 2017 by Real Decreto 999/2017. In this regulation, a new category (group 4.4) has been added and includes microorganism-based biostimulant products. These products must be registered by the Dirección General de Producciones y Mercados Agrarios del  Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente before being placed on the Spanish market.

The registration dossier must include field efficacy trials carried out in Spain, France, Italy or Portugal, in accordance with a defined protocol issued by the Spanish authorities.

Staphyt has extensive experience in biostimulant products and has a dedicated team, the BIOTEAM, composed of persons with skills and knowledge regarding these products. We can thus support companies in the marketing of microorganism-based biostimulants, from the field testing until the registration:

  • Staphyt Agrosciences has the capacity to carry out the field efficacy trials according to the requirements of the Spanish authorities. See our field capabilities.
  • Staphyt Regulatory can constitute and submit the registration dossier of microorganism-based biostimulant products to the authorities. A timeline of minimum 3 months after submission is necessary to obtain the recording of the product in the so called Registro de productos fertilizantes, before entering the market.

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