French report highlights substances or products to be removed from the market

In a report published on the 19th January, the French ministries of Agriculture, ecology and public safety highlight the coming end of European approval for substances which do not meet cut-off criteria and candidates for substitutions. This report also underline the political will to avoid keeping these substances on the French market. Other countries may think about following the same path.
This report highlights for the year 2017/2018, the coming ends of approval for chlortoluron, dimoxystrobine, flumioxazine, glufosinate and thiacloprid as substances which did not meet the cut-off criteria and diflufenicanil, diquat, ziram, dimethoate and ethoprophos as substances candidates for substitution. Other substances are highlighted even if they do not enter in these regulatory processes because they were identified in epidemiological studies: glyphosate, bentazone, mancozeb, prosulfocarbe et S-metalochlor, 2-4 D, 2,4-MCPA, bromoxynil (octanoate ), chlorothalonil, chlorprophane, dimethenamid-P, chlorpyriphos methyl, folpet and propyzamide.

Some substances are also mentioned with ends of approval after 2018. Contact us of more details.

If this substance hazard is not questioned here, their use on some particularly poorly covered uses may be argued.

Last of the awaited guidelines, the protocol of the risk evaluation on fungicides for substance which do not meet the cut-off criteria was published on the 12th of December. Protocols are now available on all types of substances to support a derogation case following article 4,7 of Regulation EC 1107/2009 in addition to the guidelines available to run a comparative assessment on substances candidates for substitution.

We can help you on this process to identify the risk occurred by your substance and to identify the potential derogations to support and their viability.

Report from the ministries:

Protocol for fungicides: