Staphyt broadens up in Asia-Pacific

10 June 2016

Thanks to the close partnership and excellent relationship we have built up with PERACTO, we will be merging on the...

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New offer: development of isolation and identification tests for Xanthomonas arboricola juglandis...

03 May 2016

......from Walnut buds and development of an in vitro test to assess sensitivity to copper In the laboratory of Martillac...

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Preparation of natural inoculum of Fusarium roseum

29 March 2016

The laboratory in Martillac can prepare inoculum of Fusarium roseum (F. graminearum, F. culmorum or others) by using wheat grains...

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The CRO’s Staphyt & PERACTO join their forces to create a leading and global Agricultural Contract Research Organisations

15 March 2016

STAPHYT, one of the fastest-growing international Agroscience businesses and PERACTO, the leading Australian & New Zealand Agricultural Contract Research Organisation...

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Staphyt extends its field capabilities in Central Europe with the acquisition of ATC

25 January 2016

STAPHYT, the leading CRO in Agro-sciences is proud to announce it has grown even further thanks to the buy-out of...

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