Branching out in America

07 July 2017

Staphyt has recently signed partnership agreements with nine agricultural research and development contract service companies in North and South America....

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Staphyt's website gets a new look!

07 June 2017

Welcome to our updated web site with direct and combined access to all our Agrosciences activities – as Staphyt Agrosciences-...

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A.S.C. (Ambrosi Scientific Consulting) becomes Staphyt Regulatory

01 June 2017

From June 2017, Staphyt will strengthen its activity in regulatory chemistry consulting and create Staphyt Regulatory.

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Staphyt Seeds Service expands

04 May 2017

Staphyt expands its network and opens 2 new trial sites in Bulgaria (Plovdiv and Dobritch). The sales and technical team...

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Innovation for experimentation

18 April 2017

Technical innovation is at the heart of Staphyt's strategic development. The use of new digital tools connected to the field...

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