Our name is changing, but our services remain the same

01 January 2020

On 1st January 2020 Peracto will be rebranded as Staphyt. Staphyt purchased Peracto Pty Ltd (Australia and New Zealand) in...

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Do you need to market biostimulants in Europe?

20 December 2019

New Regulation EC No. 2019/1009 will come into force in 2022. Justification of the agronomic claims of a given plant...

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Our best resources: our teams

19 November 2019

Staphyt encourages talent and cultivates the well-being of employees. Join us! In the Agrosciences, Regulatory or "support" departments , opportunities...

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Staphyt hosts a poster session at the world's leading event on agricultural biostimulants

08 November 2019

Staphyt is proud to be hosting a poster session at the 4th Biostimulant World Congress Come along and hear our...

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Staphyt provides key expert content at ICPPR

31 October 2019

For several years, Staphyt's field team has conducted experimental GLP field and tunnel bee residue studies, testing different methods for...

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