Dphy, Anses new platform dedicated to the dematerialized declaration for both plant protection and fertilizers products

13 September 2021

In September the French Authorities, Anses, will launch Dphy, a new platform dedicated to the dematerialized declaration of marketing authorization...

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Staphyt, expert advisor in supporting the regulatory biocontrol diagnostic BPI France

12 August 2021

Staphyt has been identified by BPI France and the French Ministry of Agriculture as an expert advisor in supporting the...

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Precision experimentation: New tools for our business

11 August 2021

In collaboration with start-ups and equipment partners, Staphyt is equipping itself with new tools applied to field experimentation. These new...

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Staphyt - Field to Fork Adapting our services to the new challenges of European agriculture

06 August 2021

Our seed and plant protection/nutrition customers are at the heart of the changes that European agriculture must make to meet...

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Meet our team: Jason Rittman - Study Director at Staphyt Australasia

28 July 2021

Jason Rittman is one of Staphyt Australasia’s Study Directors, joining the Peracto (now Staphyt) team in Devonport, Tasmania, in 2012...

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