11 August 2022

Thanks to our geographical coverage in Europe, we give you access to a large range of crops in EPPO North,...

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A set of methods to evaluate elicitors from the lab to the field

10 August 2022

Elicitors are products known to activate plant defense pathways thereby limiting pathogen infection. In the context of crop protection, the...

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Acquisition of Promip Serviços: Staphyt initiates its Agriculture Research Services in Brazil.

21 July 2022

Staphyt has just finalised its first step to enter the Agronomical Research Services in Latin America, with the acquisition of...

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New Fertiliser Regulations in Europe to trigger new REACH obligations

07 June 2022

The Fertilising Product Regulations (EU) 2019/1009 will come into force on 16 July 2022. Whilst many substances contained within EU...

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Staphyt acquires Leisor, the leading regulatory affairs services company in Brazil

23 May 2022

Staphyt, Contract Research Organization in Agribusiness, has just finalized its second acquisition in Brazil with the purchase of Leisor Legalização...

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