Our customers continuously evolve, and we, as a company, evolve with them as well. This results in the continuous improvement and reasoning of our business, in the field of methodological and regulatory approach, data analysis, quality level or human and technical investment.

Staphyt is an innovative forward thinking company its pro active attitude ensures that it is always one step ahead. We don’t wait for tomorrow, we get ready for it.


1996-2016 : 20 years during which time we have moved from the internet era to the digital revolution!

2 big steps towards a new way of getting, dispatching and managing information.

Staphyt has always been keen to utilize technology and IT tools in order to adapt to clients requirements and, where possible, to even anticipate them – as our network and flexible organization requires an ultra-secure and efficient information system.

It is in this spirit, and in accordance with our strategic objectives focusing on both international development and innovation that we are committed with confidence to the digital revolution; at Staphyt it will be a human, technical and organizational revolution : new innovative and connected tools, an even more rapid and efficient information management system, a coherent linkage of all our teams in all the countries and continents. These revolutionary ideas are already happening  within our company.


We not only adapt, we anticipate new technical and regulatory challenges that constantly change the agriculture industry and the activity of our customers around the world.