Staphyt supports your projects

To support your projects and to help you achieving them,Staphyt commits along with you:


Working together

Collaborate with your Start-up

Staphyt proposes you to support your start-up development.

Establish a partnershipwith your organization

Staphyt proposes you to establish a partnership with your organization in order to develop together future innovative projects.

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    Staphyt supports your student projects

    Sponsor your humanitarian or sportive project

    You’re students ? You have an humanitarian or sportive project? Submit it to us, you could be THE selected of the year.

    Sponsor your university challenge

    You’re organizing a university challenge? You’re searching for a partner?

    Propose study subjects

    You’re searching for study subjects to work on within the framework of your studies.
    France : Université Jules Verne (Picardie), Institut de Genech, Campus de Pouillé, IUT BREST, IUT ST Etienne, Lycée Agricole de Tilloy, Université de Reims, Université de Bordeaux, ISA de Lille.
    Italy : Universita Degli Studi Della (Viterbo) – Universita del Sacro Cuore (Milano)


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      Staphyt gives life to its employee projects

      Staphyt Italia organized a  team-buiding event: the key-words for the organizers were “local, simple and unifying”. They  decided to go hiking up and exploring the nearby mountains. Semprevisa summit (Lepini chain) in the Latina region was selected. The meeting took place in the mountain hut, A real good time !

      Harvest party was organized  in Dymaczewo with  the whole polish team to celebrate the end of a hard season.

      Sébastien, Sandy and David took part  in a running race close to our station of Blaufeleden in Germany.

      Congratulations to the about thirty runners and walkers on the Christmas trail (10 and 20km)! Despite steepest tracks with many obstacles, the team members supported one another and enjoyed the great views on both mountains and Mediterranean sea with plenty of sunshine.

      The whole Australian team for the Peracto Christmas party at Devonport.

      Wings For Life World Run

      On May 5th, 2019, Staphyt collectively renewed its support to the Wings for Life World Run all over the world. For this second participation, there were 18 people in the Staphyt Team and we travelled 190 km in 4 countries and 2 continents!