Annual Eastern Europe Regulatory Conference

Staphyt sponsors the 2020 Annual Eastern Europe Regulatory Conference, being held in Budapest, Hungary, on 31 March to 1 April...

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March 31 - April 1

Budapest - Hungary

VONLANTHEN Detergents, Chemicals & Cleaning Products: Quality & Innovations Summit

Staphyt's Regulatory expert in Biocides will speak at Vonlanthen in Milan on 2-3 April 2020. For more information: To...

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2-3 April 2020

Milan - Italy

11th International Akademie Fresenius Conference: Detergents and Cleaning Products

Staphyt's expert will present at the Detergents and Cleaning Products conference being held in Mainz on 28-29 April 2020. For...

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28-29 April 2020

Mainz - Germany