Deutsche Pflanzenschutztagung

Our representative in Germany, Mr. Robert Baumgartner, will be present at the German Plant Protection Conference (Deutsche Pflanzenschutztagung), from 10 to 14 September...

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September, 10th - 14th 2018

Stuttgart - Germany

Natural products and biocontrol 2018

Our experts  Mireille Piron and Camille Verly will be at the Natural Products & Biocontrol 2018 conference in Perpignan, France....

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September, 25th - 28th 2018

Perpignan - France

Biocide Congress 3rd edition

Meet Staphyt at the Biocide Congress in Lyon. Our expert Anne-Laure SCELO will present: "Environmental risk: key points of the evaluation...

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October, 10th - 11th 2018

Lyon - France