Technical Officer


1. Research Project work

  •  Conduct field research, including trial set up, sowing, treatment application, maintenance and harvesting.
  • Carry out/assist with trials in accordance with protocols agreed with clients and monitor trials to ensure they are proceeding according to protocols.
  • Assess trials using the most appropriate method.
  • Ensure that company systems and procedures are complied with at all times which is necessary to guarantee the validity of trial data and results.
  • Keep the project manager informed about trial progress as requested.
  • Assist in the coordination of research activities in key regions.
  • Track time spent on individual projects and monitor against quoted time.
  • Keep up with industry changes, issues and personnel.

2. Preparation of reports

  • To collate and complete statistical analysis of trial data using statistical software to assist with preparation of trial reports.
  • Prepare reports in accordance with Peracto standard format.
  •  Aim to complete all work within the time advised to clients, thereby maximising client satisfaction and profitability.

3. Communications

  •  Establish and maintain good working relationships with clients, agricultural industry representatives, growers, funding bodies, collaborating researchers and the Peracto team.
  • To apply technical knowledge and experience in quote preparation, trial work and reporting.
  • Liaise closely with Peracto staff primarily responsible for the client or with the client directly, to meet the client’s needs.
  • Contribute to the promotion and marketing of the company.

4. Maintenance and system improvement

  • Ensure that all equipment is maintained in working order and is clean and presentable at all times.
  • Contribute to the improvement of systems and procedures through suggestions and by actively contributing to process improvement initiatives.

5. Innovation - generate new ideas to improve the business

Peracto is continuously striving to improve how we provide services and operate the business. No one knows the business and our services better than our own staff.

It is the role of every employee across Peracto to generate new ideas to improve the business and share them with management. This will involve identification of ways to improve existing systems and procedures across all areas of Peracto.


  • Ability to participate in field trials, which includes manual labour in the field
  • Strong computer & data management skills
  • Analytical abilities to interpret scientific data and facts
  • Good writing and report preparation skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to apply professional knowledge
  • Excellent organisational and planning abilities with good time management
  • Self-motivated with ability to work without supervision
  • Strong communication skills
  • Problem solving skills and ability to use initiative
  • Competency in a range of driving skills on both sealed and unsealed roads and tracks


  • Work with due care and consideration to safeguard your own health and safety and that of others
  • Report all hazards, accidents, injury and incidents that arise
  • Comply with all requirements of the Peracto health and safety system and all state and national WHS and Environmental regulatory requirements.