Station Manager

Field Agronomist: Manage implement and plan agricultural trials following Good Experimentation Practices (GEP) and/or Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) according to protocols/study plans, procedures and official texts.

  • Sites location: You determine the location of the trial according to the protocol or the study plan, the particular conditions of cultures. You set up the site with appropriate material.
  • Treatments: You realize the treatments according to the application agenda, the type of application, conditions and precautions of use.
  • Samplings: You make the samplings according to the instructions (time limits, intervals, crop stage, quantities, ...)
  • Assessments: You make assessments and observations on your trials.
  • Crops or destruction of crops: You help during the harvest period and store them or destroy the harvested vegetables

Station Manager: Manage and organize the management of a station of experiment in particular by the welcome of the new collaborators as well as the customers but also by participating in the recruitment of the trainee and the seasonal contracts.