Laboratory technician

  • He/she prepares the samples and perform the realization of tests and trials according to the protocol. Perform measurements and analysis, identify deviations and make technical adjustment
  • He/she performs treatment according to the rates and frequency of application defined in the protocol. Respects the timing, the method of application and the conditions and precautions of use
  • He/she makes observations about his trials with a frequency determined by the protocol. Saves these statistic data according to the format defined in the protocol and transmit them to the Technical Manager in order to provide a preliminary report and then, a final report of the test

  • He/she Completes paper or electronic test files in the EDM (Electronic Document Management) within the time specified by the procédures

  • He/she ensures the proper functioning of the laboratory to ensure that the tests are carried out correctly and that the safety instructions are followed: safe storage of products and samples used to prevent contamination and allow their clear identification to minimize the risk of error

Specific details :

  • GEP : Good Experimentation Practices
  • GLP : Good Laboratory Practices
  • Processing