Why join us?


As an independent company, Staphyt has the trust of its clients and in turn puts its trust in their team.

Support, integration

The loyalty of our colleagues is primarily due to the support of our management and possibilities of personal development for each employee.

Quality and passion

Staphyt has a passion for quality and a wish for our teams to excel.


Staphyt R&D support and encourage our employees’ open-mindedness, curiosity, expertise and acknowledge their talent.

Team spirit

We know that there is more to life than work and are proud that 94 % of our employees are satisfied with the happy caring working environment at Staphyt.

Training and progression

We are able to offer expertise to our clients, thanks to a sustained training program, we invest in our employees skills and encourage progression in the company.

Well-being at work

Behind our clients’ smile, there is the smile of all those who contributed to that satisfaction ; 90% of our employees are happy at work

A multicultural organisation

Because of the geographical coverage that we offer our clients, there are great opportunities for international team work, cultural exchanges and overseas career development.

Discover the Field trialist job

Our job / internship offers

Staphyt academy

Staphyt has always had at heart the training of its employees, the sharing of expertise between the teams and the welcome and training of young people.
Today Staphyt, recognized as a “training organization”, structures and develops all its initiatives in the field of training and creates the Staphyt Academy.


Bruno - Bruno makes Australasian and European continents closer together

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Guillaume and Céline - 2 French colleagues on the road again

« We show our passport only to move in UK. But we need much more to apply for an Australian visa. Guillaume attended an English test to demonstrate he will be able to work here. He submitted the curriculum of the study...»