Specific approach for biologicals

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As Staphyt is convinced that bioproducts require a separate technical and regulatory approach, we have specialized the BIOTEAM on these products; this department offers a unique broad approach for its partners.

Our BIOTEAM gathers experts in physiology, plant pathology, agronomy and regulation monitoring. Our European expertise specialized in biocontrol and biostimulant products enable us to fit with your specific requirements and to give you support for early screening laboratory tests, pot-trials, field trials and also the sales authorization dossiers all over Europe. This team collaborates with prestigious institutional partners (ie INRA) and takes part to many international conferences for knowledge update.

You need a global expertise on biocontrol or biostimulant products?

Our pluridisciplinary and horizontal BIOTEAM listens to you for offering a tailor-made support wherever in Europe.

Our approach about bioproducts

Biocontrol schema

Biocontrol benefit from the expertise of all the services of Staphyt. We invite you to consult the whole website to know more about this expertise.
Below is the specific expertise for biocontrol.

Regulatory Affairs

  • General consultancy and project management
    • Biopesticides: Data requirements for plant extracts and pheromones are the same as for chemicals. A separate registration exist for microorganisms.
    • Biostimulants: Case by case (National regulation). Data requirements country by country in Europe. The Bioteam relies on regulatory experts from each of these subsidiaries.
  • Dossier preparation:
    • Biopesticides: Active substance dossiers for EU approval under Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 as chemicals.
    • Biostimulants: Case by case (National regulation). The Bioteam relies on regulatory experts from each of these subsidiaries.
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Laboratory & Glasshouse studies

  • Plant Biostimulant Screening and bioassays: in vitro responses / physiological and morphological analysis,
  • Phosphore / Nitrogen exportation bioassay for biostimulant and microorganisms,
  • Plant defense activation screening (GUS technology),
  • Elicitor plant protection efficacy.
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Field Studies

  • Consideration of the crop in its agricultural environment
    • A strategic choice of the site (and variety)
    • Considering the agro-pedo-climatic environment
    • Strict management of the inputs on the crop
    • Accurate monitoring of pest pressure and/or artificial inoculation
  • Customization of the protocol according to the type of tested bio-products
    • Adaptation of the trial design and application methods to the active ingredient and/or mode of action
    • Adapted assessments according to the trial purpose (and corresponding sampling for better understanding)
    • Adapted inputs according to the trial purpose (For example: different levels of phosphorus according to P Olsen analysis)
    • Importance of the Practical Value trials (farmer practices and equipment)
    • Adaptation of the seed treatments

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Geoffroy Moulin

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