Residue studies (GLP)

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Within the framework of the consumer, environment and operator risk assessment studies that are requested for agrochemical registration, Staphyt, GLP accredited, ensures the realisation of multi-site studies in all regulatory areas in the north and south of the European Union and on any crop type.

Our Study Directors and Principal Investigators in Europe monitor the studies continuously, together with all the people involved in the studies and so comply with the GLP requirements for multi-site studies (OECD N°13).

You need

  • To get certified experimental data in the framework of your consumer, environment and operator risk studies
  • To set up residue studies for national or European registration purpose
  • To set up multi-site studies in all EU zones and Australasia and on any type of crops
  • A flexible organization able to answer quickly at any GLP study level

Our expertise

  • Residue Studies: HS (Harvest), DCS (Decline Curve), RDCS (Reverse Decline Curve) on all crops (open field and under cover)
  • Rotational crop and Post-Harvest trials
  • Dislodgeable Foliar Residue (DFR)
  • Turf Transferable Residue (TTR)
  • Operator (OPEX), Workers (re-entry) and By-Stander Exposure
  • Soil Accumulation/Dissipation
  • Ambient, chilled, frozen storage and transportation
  • Speciment shipment: Specific or scheduled collections, door to door (fleet of purpose built freezer trucks)
  • In-house and state of the art Processing Laboratory (see more)
  • Honey bee & bumble bee field and semi field testing, Subproduct sampling and Brood studies (see more)
  • Bee larvae tests (see more)


GLP Good Laboratory Practices Research Tax Credit

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