Processing studies and sensorial analysis

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Within the framework of residue studies and adverse pesticide effects, it is necessary to do analysis on processed food according to European regulation, OECD and EPPO. Staphyt processing laboratory, GLP and GEP certified, receives any type of harvested products to prepare oily, aqueous, acid, fermented matrices for analysis purposes.

You need

  • To do food processing within the framework of residue studies
  • To evaluate the adverse effects of your products on processing and organoleptic characteristics
  • To evaluate the organoleptic characteristics of your varieties

Our expertise


  • Agro-food studies on any crop (industrial and home processing procedures)
  • GLP/GEP certification, compliance with the OECD, EPPO, French CEB and FAS methods
  • Technical expertise in the fields of agro-food processing, oenology and quality assurance
  • Sample and sub-sample storage under controlled conditions


  • Sensorial quality evaluation and development
  • Identification and knowledge of consumers preferences
  • Detection of sensorial differences between products
  • Positioning tests according to sensorial characteristics


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