Laboratory and glasshouse studies

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To support your research programs or in connection with your registration dossiers, preliminary work in the laboratory and or pot plants under controlled conditions may be needed. Staphyt has all the appropriate equipment for active ingredient or formulated product screening or evaluation, before or after registration.

You need

  • To screen and evaluate active ingredients or other products in vivo or in vitro
  • To evaluate the efficacy and the mode of action of the products on pot plants (all year long)
  • To evaluate rainfastness and crop safety
  • To detect activation of the elicitation process or activation of the elicitor potentiation
  • To consolidate your research data or/and set up preliminary studies before your registration
    programs start
  • To detect and monitor resistances that are related to PPP usage

Our expertise

  • Conventional and Biological product evaluation
  • Active substance screening
  • Efficacy testing
  • Elicitation and potential studies
  • Resistance monitoring
  • Rainfastness studies
  • Germination tests
  • Phytotoxicity studies
  • Compatibilities testing (static and dynamic)

We have high-tech equipment, including:

  • An under-vacuum room to set up tests and to grow pathogens under isolated conditions,
  • An automatic glasshouse for plant growing all along the year,
  • Climatic rooms to set up trials under controlled conditions
  • Automatic spray booths


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