Biological field studies (GEP)

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Within the framework of the development, the registration or the marketing of your products, the Staphyt network is GEP/GLP officially recognized which enables you to test your products and your varieties in all main agricultural areas. On our field stations or with our farmer partners, we can set up your trials on a wide range of crops (perennial, arable, vine, top fruit, ornamentals) in the field or under cover according to your specific requirements.

Our teams of agronomists and technical co-ordinators network on the whole European and Australasian territory. Our IT tool Phytnet makes our exchanges fluid and the transfer of the study related data rapid.

Fertilizer products: fertilizers and amendments – Seeds treatments – Adjuvants – Activators or growth retardants – Agrochemical product (herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, acaricide, nematicide, molluscide) – Bioproducts

You need

  • A renowned expertise on all crops
  • To study, evaluate, screen your products in all the main agricultural areas in the
    different regulatory zones
  • To support your research programs and your biological dossiers with useful and certified
    experimental data
  • To support and promote your sales

Our expertise

  • Research/screening trials
  • Efficacy and crop safety registration trials (GEP)
  • Dose justification and practical value trials
  • Drifting trials on adjacent crops
  • Persistence trials on following crops
  • Demonstration/sale support trials
  • Field or under cover trials (vegetables and ornamentals)
  • Many irrigated or misted platforms (cereals, potatoes, vine…)


GEP Good Experimentation Practices Research Tax Credit

Your contact

Florence PICAULT

Florence Picault

Technical & Sales Adviser

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+33 (0)6 78 36 66 48