Food processing laboratory is expanding its expertise in bread-making

26 February 2018

For many years, the processing laboratory has been conducting bread-making studies in the framework of residue studies. In order to...

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Renewal of the United Kingdom GEP certificate

07 February 2018

We are pleased to announce that the Staphyt UK team have successfully renewed their GEP certificate from January 1st 2018....

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Molecular Biology : new tools for new services!

09 January 2018

Through the deployment of R&D at Staphyt, our laboratory seeks to complete its range of services using Molecular Biology technics,...

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Plant nutrition: test your fertilizers and biostimulants

23 December 2017

Staphyt assists you in the development and marketing of fertilizers (minerals, organics,…) and biostimulants. Laboratory tests, protocol development, field trials...

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End of the fungicide resistance monitoring for Phytophthora infestans (Late Blight Potato) in Martillac

21 November 2017

More than 100 samples across Europe were collected this season in 7 countries. As each year, the aim of this...

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