Precision experimentation: New tools for our business

11 August 2021

In collaboration with start-ups and equipment partners, Staphyt is equipping itself with new tools applied to field experimentation. These new...

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New molecular biology platform: new service offers

15 December 2020

Staphyt’s laboratory (Martillac, France) has been supporting you for 30 years in selecting, testing and evaluating your active substances and...

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Straight from our experts: Anne Lebaudy, R&D coordinator at Martillac Laboratory (France)

11 June 2020

A doctor in Plant Physiology (Integrative biology of potassium channels in the guard cell: electrophysiological activity and role in the...

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Application of advanced modeling techniques to identify powdery mildew tolerant cultivars and reduce fungicides and energy consumption.

30 March 2020

Roberto Valori from Staphyt Italia provides support to CREA ( ) in a trial management on the evaluation of...

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New soil measures to take into account to improve analysis of agronomic results

13 November 2017

Staphyt successfully tested during this 2017 campaign the possibility of associating water potential data with your agronomic results, in order...

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