Straight from our experts: Terrestrial Field Dissipation studies (TFD)

05 May 2022

Emmanuel GRALL GLP Study Director at Staphyt Spain Trained as an agricultural engineer, Emmanuel began his career as a technician...

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Extension of our GLP field testing capacities in South Europe

15 December 2021

Greece is joining the Staphyt network of around 30 GLP certified testing stations. The Staphyt test station is based in...

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Straight from our experts: residue studies in rotational crops

10 May 2021

Raphaël DELMOTTE Director of GLP studies for Staphyt France Raphaël joined the Staphyt GLP team more than 20 years ago...

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GLP accreditation for Staphyt Hungary

07 May 2018

Following a successful inspection by OGYÉI (Hungarian Pharmacology Institute and Authority), Staphyt Hungary has received its GLP certificate in April....

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Terrestrial Field Dissipation (TFD) and Dislodgeable Foliar Residue (DFR)

01 February 2017

Within the framework of the consumer, environmental and operator risk assessment studies are requested for your agrochemical product registration. Staphyt...

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