PDS & Staphyt : Our expertise confirmed with a new article

24 September 2020

From 2015 to 2019, Staphyt collaborated with INRAE and AgroParisTech in the supervision of Camille Verly's thesis entitled: "The impact...

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Take advantage of the fall for your biostimulant trials under controlled conditions!

11 August 2020

Staphyt's Laboratory & Glasshouse department is equipped with laboratories, growing chambers, greenhouses and tunnels capable of accommodating your tests under...

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Extension of the phytopathology and plant nutrition laboratory in Martillac

29 June 2020

After a slowdown in work these past few months, construction of the new laboratory in Martillac (France) continues. Delivery of...

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Straight from our experts: Anne Lebaudy, R&D coordinator at Martillac Laboratory (France)

11 June 2020

A doctor in Plant Physiology (Integrative biology of potassium channels in the guard cell: electrophysiological activity and role in the...

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08 June 2020

Across Europe and despite current sanitary constraints, Staphyt teams are fully ready for the autumn season! Reserve your plots early...

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