Nitrogen fertilization: a determining factor for efficiency of plant defense elicitors?

09 October 2018

On the occasion of the "Natural Product and Biocontrol" congress held in Perpignan from 25 to 28 September, Staphyt presented...

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Phosphorus Use efficiency Bioassay in planta

21 November 2017

Phosphorus is often the most limiting nutrient in agro-ecosystems because the main forms of Phosphorus are immobilized in soil. Numerous...

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The symposium IBMA France on biocontrol, « a new culture» with Staphyt

18 January 2017

In order to bring its vision of the future of the agricultural world, Staphyt will be present on the 31st...

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Staphyt will be present at SuperBIO Workshop

11 January 2017

Staphyt will be present at SuperBIO Workshop: Use of microorganisms and their products for biopesticide, biostimulation and bioremediation applications (France,...

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Good practices to achieve elicitors integration on the market

03 October 2016

Within the framework of legislation introduced by the European Directive 2009/128 /, Biostimulants, used in fertilization and Elicitors, as well...

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